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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Organizing Your Supplements

Do you take vitamins or other supplements in pill form? I do; I have about a dozen things that I take on a regular basis (multi-vitamin, fish oil capsules, cordyceps mushrooms, B-complex, vitamin D, vitamin E, amino acids, chromium, and others). I needed a simple and cheap (read: free) way to organize them.

Enter: an egg carton.

As long as you have a small enough number of pills to take each day, they will fit in the little places where the eggs go. I have about a dozen individual pills, and they fit fine. This gives me 12 days of pre-organized vitamins. It takes about 10 minutes to go through my various bottles, count out the right number of whatever, and fill the egg carton. Then, all I have to do to take my vitamins is scoop out the day's worth and wash them down (sometimes with water, and sometimes with Ionic Fizz, a fruit-flavored magnesium supplement). It's a simple and free way to organize your supplements. Get creative with some colored markers to make it look a bit more attractive, if you're creative in that way.